Marriage 2.0
My Best Friend's Wife
The Madeleine Trilogy
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21st Century Marriage

Nevermind Ashley Madison, this is the future of the modern relationship

Ever wished there could be a dating app for married people that strengthens the marriage itself? A program that arranges erotic adventures that unlock your hidden desires and secret fantasies to make you crazy about each other?

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  • Back in Business with a New Story

    Back in Business with a New Story

    Now coming to you live from the United States, Max Sebastian is back in business.

  • (Publishing currently on hold)

    (Publishing currently on hold)

    Latest update: Signs of hope now, looks like I’ll be able to resume publishing in late November or December 2022.

  • Up next…

    Up next…

    I’ve been taking a bit of a breather recently, as I was feeling a touch of burn-out. It’s okay, it happens from time to time. But it’s always best to take a break and re-group when that happens. But now, I’m starting to look at […]